Once upon a time...

I'm a small-town Kansas girl whose yellow brick road led me to Louisiana where I'm making my home along the bayou.

This blog will chronicle the second half of my life, which I refer to as post 25. My content will vary with my mood and experiences. Right now it's about adjusting to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, simple pleasures, marriage and media.

I invite you to join me during what I know is the best quarter of a century to come.

Kyle and I met in March 2006 during an alternative spring break trip to New Orleans while I
was attending Kansas State University for undergrad. My Junior years spring break I spent
with 42 other students and provided disaster relief aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina.
We married in May, 2010.

And of course, our animals. 

Nola the pug and Tchoupitoulas the cat.